NOAA Kids Day FAQs


  • What and when is NOAA Kids Day?

    Kids Day is an annual event for children in the lives of NOAA employees. The day introduces kids to the workplace, career possibilities, and mission sciences at NOAA. The event is part of the National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day which occurs on the 4th Thursday of April every year.

    Kids experience age-appropriate hands-on activities through workshops developed and presented by NOAA employees. The tradition began at NOAA Silver Spring in 1993 when a few groups within various NOAA Line Offices hosted activities in honor of the day.  By April 1999, the Silver Spring event went campus-wide and now involves all Line Offices.

    The event is a great opportunity for NOAA to blend family time and science careers...and foster coming generations of kids who appreciate science and the natural world.

  • What ages of children are appropriate?

    Our activities are only for Ages 6-18.

  • Why not work with ages younger than 6 years old?

    The organizing committee has been faced with some hard choices concerning our youngest kids. The growth in participation of this youngest age group was exponential between 2006 and 2013.  We could not keep up with the space required, and our volunteers were more challenged to develop workshops to a group that requires a more specialized approach in presentation.

    The intent of the National Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work event has been to provide school age children with an enrichment experience to be brought back to the classroom.  Younger aged children - and less-experienced presenters -  are not as prepared for moving from activity to activity. In 2015, the ages shifted upward to better match NOAA science and children’s learning levels.

  • Must I register my child?

    New for 2019 - you no longer need to register!

  • Who is eligible to bring a child?

    NOAA Kids Day is open to NOAA Federal employees and affliliated employees as well as contractors!

  • What if I do not work at the Silver Spring Campus?

    In order to better serve and manage our participating sponsors and children, NOAA Silver Spring supports Kids Day at the other largest NOAA DC Metro offices.  Please contact the other locations for information about their activities.

  • Do all participants choose which workshops they attend?

    We have activities for all ages to enjoy at your leisure - come and go as you please!

  • Where do I check-in my children on event day?
    SSMC4 NOAA Science Center Entrance

  • How can I volunteer for Kids Day?

    Like all time out of the office, you need to ask permission from your supervisor. At an event like this, we cannot have too many hands!  Every year we need chaperones, bag stuffers, registration receptionists, and workshop assistants. In many years we need workshop leaders.  We suggest that you like kids, and have a tolerance for controlled chaos….much like you find in a school environment. Check out the Contacts page, and get in touch with someone at a location or an age group that interests you.

For more information, please contact Michelle T. Moore at 301-713-0500 x181.
For technical questions, please contact Anthony Robinson or Amy McDermott.