Silver Spring - General Activities

Elementary School | Middle & High School

We’re excited to offer a variety of activities for all age groups!

Below is a sample list of our activities along with their descriptions to give you an idea of what will be available.

  • Elementary School & General Activities

    Most of the events will be held from 9am-Noon (unless noted)!

    NOAA Science Center:
    - Be a Backyard Meteorologist
    In order to predict the weather, we first need to observe the weather. Come learn about the different tools the NWS meteorologists use to observe and predict the weather including weather balloons, rain gauges, anemometers, and thermometers and learn how your backyard weather data can help meteorologists forecast the weather.
    - Boat Build Challenge Learn about buoyancy, volume, and more when you design a boat to test how much cargo it can hold without sinking!
    - Bringing Landscape to Life (3D Sandbox) This activity has been a success at both Kid’s Day and NOAA Open House. It allows everyone to play in the sand and see how it would affect the flow of water. It is interactive, educational, and fun. This activity creates an environment for students to understand how topography changes the flow of water.
    - Cloud in a Bottle We have the recipe for clouds! Come learn how clouds form and make your very own cloud in a bottle. With our recipe and the right ingredients, you can even repeat this activity at home to teach your friends.
    - Exploration Command Center Want to explore a mysterious shipwreck or see an example of an animal different from all other life we thought existed on Earth? Visit NOAA's Ocean Exploration Command Center where you'll learn how scientists ashore are connected live to ocean exploration missions in distant and remote parts of the world. You'll also learn how to see live video from the seafloor on your own computer as ocean exploration missions unfold. It's all in the Exploration Command Center!
    - Fashion-a-Fish In this activity kids will have the opportunity to fashion their very own species of fish! Where does your fish live? What does your fish eat? Can you fashion a fish with the traits needed to survive?! Through this activity kids will learn about the diversity of fish species and how they are adapted to the range of habitats in the ocean.
    - Finding Nemo in the Caribbean! Become a Marine Biologist for the day and learn how to conduct an underwater survey on coral reefs! Find a dive buddy, put on your mask, snorkel and fins and see if you can identify all of the marine organisms that live among coral reefs and learn how you can help protect their home!
    - Test Your Satellite Launching Skills This activity has been a success at both Kid’s Day and NOAA Open House. It allows everyone a chance to launch a satellite (pom pom) and see what orbit they can get it to land in. This activity teaches kids about launch trajectory, and how satellites land in orbits. It is interactive, educational, and fun. Students learn about NOAA’s geostationary, polar, and space weather satellites. Students also learn about global positioning system satellites, and how NOAA’s satellites help save lives!
    - Turtle Discovery This activity allows everyone an opportunity to see, hold, and learn about turtles. It is interactive and educational. Kids ask for this activity each year and is a great way to learn about ecosystems, and their environment. Kids can learn how scientists work to conserve and manage their environment.

    - NOAA Videos

    SSMC4, Room 1W611:
    - Mapping the Skies
    This workshop will present exciting videos of Aircraft in different stages of flight while highlighting the FAA’s transition into the digital age. They will see a Google Earth simulation of the cockpit view landing at Reagan National as well as live recordings of air shows. The kids will go home with paper airplanes, charts and some other giveaways.

    SSMC2 - Plaza Level (9am-3pm):
    - Gateway to NOAA open

    - Gateway Scavenger Hunt (1pm-3pm)

    SSMC3 - Plaza Level (1pm-3pm):
    - See Science on a Sphere
    (appropriate for ages 7 and older) See Earth in a way you have never seen it before! Science On a Sphere ® (SOS) is a room-sized, global display system that uses computers and video projectors to display planetary data onto a six-foot diameter sphere. Imagine a giant animated globe with a fascinating visual display of all types of data that helps illustrate Earth science.

  • Middle & High School Activities

    These events will be held from 10am-Noon!

    - Speed Interviews - SSMC3 - Room 4527
    Sit down one-on-one with NOAA professionals to learn about different career paths at NOAA. A variety of job types, including marine ecologists, lawyers, and web developers, will be represented. You’ll get to take home information sheets from every professional you interview. Ideal for high school and middle school students! Questions? Email or

    - High School and Beyond - Advice & Opportunities - SSMC3 - Room 4527
    Visit with NOAA professionals to learn about job and other options during and beyond high school. Get advice and collect handouts on: creating a resume, preparing for job interviews, the importance of mentors, internships, fellowships, SAT/PSAT test-taking tips, vocational schools and more. Ideal for high school and middle school students! Questions? Email or

    - TED Talks for Teens - SSMC3 - Room 01214 (in the Collaboration Center)
    NOTE: The Collaboration Center in SSMC3 is on the first floor, to the right of the guard stand, where the old cafeteria used to be.
    A TED talk is a short, powerful talk on concepts related to technology, entertainment, or design. Watch recordings of TED talks for teens. After each video, a brief discussion will be held on the concepts covered. Ideal for high school and middle school students! Questions? Email or

For more information, please contact Michelle T. Moore at 301-713-0500 x181.
For technical questions, please contact Anthony Robinson or Amy McDermott.